Aijou (Pronounced: aɪ dʒɔ, Japanese: あいじょう / 愛情) first started up with the desire to help build a community of gamers and developers alike. Whether you are a gamer that is into the latest Call of Duty, or a developer trying to make the next smash hit, we want to bring that vision of having a tighter nit community between the two groups.

The long-term vision for Aijou is to create a website where developers can share their early progressive work on the platform, have it all organised, then showcase their work to the community. Whilst it will initially be for gaming, other media is planned as well including art, film, and music, especially as they're also essential mediums to the creation of games.

Aaron Varshney, the founder of Aijou, has had this long-term ambition for a long time and has set the wheel in motion. Initially starting off with entertainment news, game streaming and walkthroughs, Aijou is branching further into game development tutorials and video production.

The team started with a blank slate since February 2020 and is already starting to build traction. With the help of Kevin Rombouts, Aijou is already building content at a rapid pace.

There is, however, always room for more to join the team to create the community the entertainment world needs.

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